You might view it as any other Sunday, but I see it as a significant cultural moment each year. It’s a special chance to welcome more new guests than usual, to communicate the good news about Jesus well, and to follow up by building discipling relationships with everyone who came.

One big event doesn’t make a church grow. But growing churches see every event as an opportunity to form new relationships and move people forward on their discipleship journey.

Easter is a season of more opportunities to connect with people, and we are stewards of those opportunities. So how do you make the most of this season of potential growth?

  1. Give more time to Jesus in prayer and depend on the power of the Holy Spirit.

  1. Build closer relationships and a stronger community.
  • Improve the systems and processes through which a healthy church helps people move to be more like Jesus.

  1. Share with each member that when sinners come into our services we must love them and not judge them. Could you imagine what would happen if we eliminated the harm of judging and instead simply offered our hand to help?
  • When you start with theology you become intolerant.
  • And that’s what’s killing your ministry. Intolerance destroys influence.
  • Your judgment betrays God’s acceptance.
  • Of course you realize in Jesus’ day who started with theology, right? The Pharisees and religious leaders.

  1. Imagine what would happen if church members today started with the ministry of love and understanding.

  1. Imagine what would happen if you communicated God’s acceptance of sinners? You would have influence. And you would use that influence to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ. And yes, ultimately, they would change.

  1. Sharpen our understanding and presentation of the good news about Christ.
  • Easter is less than 5 weeks away.
  • Empower your church to share the Good News!
  • Create or purchase Engaging Invitations as a great way to involve your congregation in reaching friends and family.
  • Your member as Engaging members are introduces the reader and community to Jesus and the importance of the events around Easter as they invite them to your Church.
  • Tell your members to use social media graphics to alert the community to your Easter Events.

  1. Cultivate generosity to support the mission and vision of reaching unreached people.

There’s more, I’m sure, but that’s a good list to start with.


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